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Bees, Bears, and a hike to see a glorious meteor shower.  Never change, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, never change.

After a rather silly beginning that I enjoyed every second of, comes the second episode of Zombie, which carries into how Ayumu has to live with his newfound fame as the cross-dresser/streaker at school, and the many articles that are being written in the magazines and the tabloids.  Surprisingly, many of his classmates are rather accepting of his situation, but that’s not the main point of the episode.

Ayumu has made a fashion statement...

Rather, the episode focuses on Tomonori wanting to show Ayumu something beautiful as thanks for his help, so she invites him to go see a meteor shower deep in the wilderness.  The trek there gives many gags and treats, like being chased by bees and fighting with a bear, along with the classic pant-pull that serves Ayumu a savage beating afterward.  At the very end, however, we do get to see a beautiful meteor shower scene that was very well drawn, and the emotions portrayed being very genuine.  The animators message manages to hit home at this part, proving that while Zombie may be a comedy, it can still deliver serious scenes.

Yes it is, Tomonori

 Three things that are apparent running gags are the drinking nurse.  Who is she, and will she be important?  Secondly, it appears that Saras will be making/stalking Ayumu’s posterior.  Seriously, she is obsessed with it.  I hope we will get to see the proceedings of this as the show continues.  Lastly, it appears that Kyouko is still hanging around with the head of the Masou Shoujo, so we’ll see what this revelation will bring, since she appears pretty set on settling a score with a certain undead zombie…

I don't, though, so do tell


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