Girls and Guns

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To my subscribers, its been a while since my last post, I’ve been budy with work, Anime Central, and a couple computer failures resulting in losing three years of anime screencaps.  But, I’m back, and I had to start somewhere.  I’ve chosen Upotte this time around.  I found it to be an interesting concept.

If you are familiar with Akikan, the premise is rather similar; the girls (any guys) in the series are anthropomorphic representations of guns that they represent.  Each gun has disctinct characteristics in clothing, chest, hair, and personality, depending on the parts that make up the firearm.  The author has done his research on the firearms, as most of the things depicted are fairly accurate.  The events are somewhat silly, but the seriousness picks up as the series progresses.

One of my favorite arcs so far is the tournament arc, which faces off two schools of guns.  Sako and Galil from an opposing school, are guns based off of the classic Kalashnikov, and their main adversary is of course, the M16.  In an earlier match, Sako’s crazy side is revealed as she puts five or six shots into FNC’s chest, even after the round, causing damage to her frame, and causing her to have to be repaired.  Later still, she puts a shot into Sig’s head, shown below.  I won’t spoil the results of the final round, but it is very suspenseful.  It is a very enjoyable arc.

Obligatory FPS Doug line, BOOM HEADSHOT

Currently in the manga, Dragunov has just made her appearance.  The current arc might not be animated, but it is nice to see guns that I am familiar with getting love in a manga about guns.  Hopefully SCAR-H gets an appearance.  Also, Gun Maids!

Anthropomorphized guns dressed as maids. I’m not sure how I should feel about this, but I like it!


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