About Kimchi

Hello ladies So yeah, what’s going on? I’m Kimchi Holocaust, one of the authors on here, and I’ll be here to give you my two cents on whatever anime I’m watching from season to season. I may even give a spotlight to a manga that I find particularly interesting/entertaining. This is my first time blogging and I hope it’ll be an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to anime, I normally only watch a few shows a season, sometimes only one or two if it’s an unusually dry and boring season. I watch anime for enjoyment, but that doesn’t mean I’ll watch anything just cause it may be funny. If it’s mind-numbingly retarded like Kämpfer, Rio: Rainbow Gate, and Green Green I will have none of it. Now I don’t really go ape shit over VAs or really even pay attention to who voices who, but I will say that if an anime has Norio Wakamoto,  Mitsuo Iwata, or even Rie Kugimiya I’ll probably get that much more enjoyment out of it.

I started out watching anime on Toonami, or maybe even earlier than that but I couldn’t say for sure. I count Yu Yu Hakusho, Toradora, Gundam Wing, and Clannad as some of my favorite anime. I would have to say I’ve seen my fair share of good shows and I’ve forced myself to watch some real piles of shit as well. In the end I think that I’ve gained a well rounded opinion on anime and manga (almost everything is shit). Other then all that green is my favorite color, I read Seinen and Shoujo manga mainly, and I have like four cats.


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